Can Trustcom Financial close my account?

Can Trustcom Financial close my account?

In a nutshell: yes.

The reasons for it are the following:


Using a personal account for commercial purposes.
According to our T & Cs, a personal account can only be used for private use. Any wire transfers relating to professional fees for services provided and/or products sold are considered commercial transactions. If you wish to use your account for this purpose, sign up for a Trustcom Business account

 Provide incorrect or insufficient information for a routine check.

We offer an online financial service, so sometimes we might perform transaction checks.

If you do not provide correct and/or sufficient information about the transaction in question, we have the right to terminate the business relationship, in compliance with Lithuanian financial regulations.

The manifestation of abusive behaviour towards Trustcom Financial employees.

We would not tolerate offensive behaviour towards our employees. The threat of physical harm or general abusive behaviour can be considered a crime and will be reported to the respective authorities without exception.

For more information, we recommend that you visit our terms and conditions section


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