How can I protect my identity?

How can I protect my identity?

We will never ask you to verify your identity on behalf of any other person or company. This includes checks for house rental, lines of credit or job offers. Complete the verification process only if you want to open a Trustcom Financial account.



As the account owner, you are the only one who should create and have access to your login details. Never create a Trustcom account with a default email address and default password. If you use the login credentials provided, these credentials can be used to reach your personal and legal information. Also, never log into a Trustcom account that isn't yours.


Do not send an ID or passport to unknown or unverified recipients.


Trustcom may request certain documents when it detects a suspicious transaction during a routine check. Submit valid documentation to Trustcom Financial official and verified email accounts only.


Trustcom will never ask for your username, password or PIN codes outside the Trustcom Financial app.


Never provide this information on an external website or app, even if it appears to be related to us.

If you are unsure, have received a suspicious request from a third party or think your access may be compromised, please feel free to contact us by emailing


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