How to rent a car with your Trustcom Financial card:

How to rent a car with your Trustcom Financial card:

Generally speaking, in order to rent a car, it is mandatory for the main driver to have a credit card. However, given the increasing use of other types of cards by consumers, some car rental companies have introduced the possibility of renting cars also with prepaid cards.


Therefore, with your Trustcom Financial Mastercard, you can rent cars from an ever-increasing number of companies.

Below you will find the names of some of the agencies you can contact:


·       Alamo

·       Avis

·       Centauro

·       Enterprise

·       Europecar

·       Firefly

·       Joy rent

·       Locauto

·       Maggiore

·       SicilyByCar

·       Thrifty car rental

Before renting a vehicle, we suggest that you contact the company of your interest: rental conditions are at the discretion of individual agencies, therefore the requirements may vary at a local and national level.

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