Is it safe to manage personal data and information via the Trustcom Financial website or emails?

Is it safe to manage personal data and information via the Trustcom Financial website or emails?

Yes. Trustcom Financial is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, effective from 25 May 2018, the legal protection of personal data of the Republic of Lithuania and all other laws and/or legal acts. Trustcom Financial also complies with the Acts of the European Union, applicable according to the regulations on the protection of personal data of the specific country in which the services are provided.


We won’t share without your consent the sensitive data that we received from you via the contact form, by e-mail, by telephone or by any other channel that allows the collection of personal data to market our products.


Trustcom Financial only discloses sensitive data to third parties when it is necessary to complete the following customer requests:


Issue, distribution and redemption of electronic money and payment services;


Conclusion and execution of agreements;


Customer ID;


Implementation of the obligations established by the law on money laundering and the prevention of terrorist financing.


All information regarding the use and protection of personal data is carefully described in the privacy policy.

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