What kind of documentation do I need to provide to open an account?

What kind of documentation do I need to provide to open an account?

It depends on the type of account you want to open.

To open a Personal account with IBAN:


Trustcom Financial requires valid identification (passport or national identity card) and proof of residence.


 To open a Business account with IBAN:


Trustcom Financial requires several documents - a full list can be found on the online application form, along with the different verification methods.

 Note: Trustcom Financial may request additional documents at any time and the list of documents provided may vary depending on the country of incorporation of the company.

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      To open a current account, you just need to send us a copy of your identity document and tax code, a document certifying your residence and your mobile number. The way to upload documents is very simple: just a front/back scan (also via photo) and ...
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      It takes 2 business days to open an account, but the whole process may be delayed if all required documents have not been provided. To open an account it is sufficient to be resident in Italy and not have tax residence in the United States.  You can ...
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      Sure, Trustcom Financial corporate account exists expressly for financial management.  All types of corporate accounts and their plans are available on our site https://trustcomfinancial.com/business-account/